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Laura Mckenzie Waters
Photographer, Restorer, Preservationist 

An accomplished & acclaimed photographer, who possesses a deep commitment to preserving both the ordinary and extraordinary.  Laura skillfully crafts, rejuvenates, and safeguards your valuable memories, ensuring their longevity for future generations to cherish.

Portraits, Events, Commercial & Landscape

Digital Enhancements 

to Improve & Restore 

063016_1411 copy.jpg

"Laura has done our family pictures many times and also my maternity pictures. I think she is just the best in town and I would totally recommend her. She has an amazing talent and I’m blown away each time she photographs my family. She always seems to capture my kids’ spirits and I always see their personalities shine through. She is incredibly professional and fast with her work. I never feel rushed and she is always calm and patient with my three rambunctious kids."

Susan Belna, OH

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